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Freedom in Boundaries Workshop




90 Minutes

About the Course

Empowering you to Flourish with Freedom!

Healthy boundaries can increase the quality of your life and your relationships. You have freedom when you know what you are - and are not - responsible for and what is - and is not - yours to own.

What you will leave this workshop with:

  • Clear understanding of why boundaries matter.

  • Defining what boundaries are and are not.

  • Dispelling misunderstandings around boundaries, faith and God.

  • How clear boundaries give you freedom.

  • Areas of your life that are within your control.

  • 10 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries.

  • Increased awareness through coaching questions.

  • Additional resources to equip you in healthy boundaries.


Your Instructor

Jen Stone-Sexton

Jen Stone-Sexton

I want you to experience an empowered life of freedom, as God intended for you! This is my calling. My own healing journey of transformation is what fuels my passion for encouraging, equipping and empowering you to have the Freedom to Flourish in your own life! (John 10:10)

The results I have personally experienced through Christian coaching, as well as being part of the journey of the hundreds of women I've been privileged to coach over the years, is what sparked my desire to create and offer this course to equip and empower you flourish in your life!

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