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 Encourage Your Heart ~ Nourish Your Soul

Prayer Poems of Praise

Inspirational Prayers to Encourage Your Heart and Nourish Your Soul

Prayer Poems™ of Praise were created to

give hope to your heart on the hard days,

remind you of how much you are loved when you doubt,

and to feed your soul with peace and truth when fear screams loud.


The Longing for Belonging

Do you feel alone? 
Do you have a longing to belong that you can't seem to fill?

You are Not Alone!
God Has a Plan for You!

The longing for belonging can only be filled
when you know the One you belong to...
Left behind with an alcoholic father and a grandmother with undiagnosed dementia,
a sickening, incurable loneliness was sealed into Bridget's spirit,
and she felt certain the emptiness was forever.
Being accepted and loved can feel unattainable, impossible to find.
Do you have a longing to belong that cannot be filled no matter where you search?
Are you a victim of the grand lie that you are all alone?
Read how God turned Bridget's abandonment, anger, loss, and loneliness
into a story of redeeming love, healing and hope.

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The Longing for Belonging
Giving Up Ashes to Find Beauty

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