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Seashells on Beach.Photo by Olmes Sosa on Unsplash.jpg
Seashells on Beach.Photo by Olmes Sosa on Unsplash.jpg


These resources are shared to encourage, equip, and empower you on your journey

of transformation, whether you are a client or simply visiting our site.

Each is individually linked, and one click will direct you to the resource. 

May you be blessed! 


Book - The Eden Option by Allen Arnold.png
You Were Made for a God-Sized Dream.png
The Gifts of Imperfection (T).png
The Celebration of Discipline.png
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.png
The 5 Love Languages.png
The Intimacy Factor.png
The Highly Sensitive Person.png
Powerful Purpose of Introverts.png
Seen Known Loved.png
The Body Keeps The Score.png
Daring Greatly.png
The Soul of Shame.png
The Bondage Breaker.png
Sacred Rest by Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith.png
The Rest of God.png
The Next Right Thing.png
The Voice of the Heart.png
Better Than Before.png
This Naked Mind.png
Atomic Habits.png

Courses & Workshops

Marriage Masterclass-Holley Gerth.png
7 Ways to Thrive as an Introvert Course-Holley Gerth.png
Couple on Beach.Photo by Logan Weaver for Unsplash.jpg

Soul Mates for Life

A Relational Intelligence Marriage Workshop

Be a Kick-butt Writer Course.Holley Gerth.png



Pebble Beach

Roxanne Ross Counseling - Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families (Online)

Life Care Centers - Real Life Solutions for Real Life Problems (Canada - Online)

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